About - Ramingo3d | 3d printed Miniatures and Terrain for Tabletop Games 

Ramingo3D originates from my passion for board games and for 3D Printing.

No matter whether is Dungeons & Dragons, Gaslands or Star Wars, RPGs mean everything to me. They have been the protagonists of many of those nights spent with my friends, imagining and living epic adventures. My passion started many years ago, in 1990, when I received Heroquest as a gift.
I was only a child and it was love at first sight.
Today, thanks to 3D Printing I can give life to your and mine favourite RPGs and create really accurate, realistic, unique and cool settings that will inspire you great quests and scenaries.
I also accept customized orders, if you want something which my shop don't have, please feel free to contact me!

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